Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light Review

Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light Review 4
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Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • The sensor works picks up natural light and natural darkness efficiently.
  • Leaves enough room to plug something else into the outlet
  • Energy-saving and cost-efficient

What We Don't Like

  • Fixed brightness level
  • Depending on the size of nursery, brightness of light might interrupt sleeping
  • Brief and occasional flickering

Using a nightlight has many benefits. It can help keep you from tripping over something when walking through the dark and protect your young children from the monsters they might think are there.

You really have many options to select from when it comes to nightlights, and they all provide enough light in the night. So, when selecting one, you need to look at the finer details. As such, we’ve taken a look at the Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light to see how it performs, and what it has that others don’t offer.

Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light Review

Sycees Industrial Co. professionally manufactures not just LED nightlights, but a range of other products that produce light and generate power. They have a highly experienced and technical team that works diligently to consistently improve their products, ensuring that their customers always receive some the highest quality merchandise available.

Sycees has a mission to provide the best quality with honest service and care to their consumers. Out of the various nightlights available, we chose the SC01 Plug-In as it’s one of their top sellers.

Who Is This Product For?

Anyone can use a nightlight, and with the Sycees SC01, it can be used anywhere that has an electrical outlet. Many people don’t like to sleep in total darkness, so a nightlight is a perfect option to cast a subtle glow in the room.

It’s also suitable to be used in your children’s room to help them fall asleep if they are scared of the dark. Regardless of who you are, if you need additional lighting in your home, office, garage, etc., then this nightlight is for you.

What’s Included?

The nightlight itself is LED and has an exceptionally long-lasting life, so there are no included batteries because it’s not something that you need to worry about. If the nightlight dies, which takes a long time due to the built-in sensors, you simply replace the entire unit. All that comes with the product when you purchase it is the light itself, along with simple packaging information, providing you with the necessary company and product details.

Overview of Features

The Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light in daylight white is a bright enough light that helps you with illuminating a bedroom, nursery, kitchen, garage, or anywhere else with an electrical outlet. It’s also not bright enough to strain your eyes or have a negative influence on your sleep.

It comes with a built-in smart light sensor that enables the light to automatically turn on when the room turns dark enough, and it turns itself off once the natural light starts to hit the room again. Additionally, it’s very compact, so you can still use the second outlet on the panel.

The Sycees SC01 is also very energy efficient and only costs approximately 20 cents annually. It runs at a 5000K color temperature and consumes a maximum of 0.5 watts of power. Also, it doesn’t run on batteries, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them continuously.

How Do You Know When to Stop Using the Night Light in Your Child’s Bedroom?

Using a nightlight in your child’s bedroom is beneficial, especially if they feel uncomfortable sleeping in the dark. However, there are really times when you need to consider turning off the nightlight or removing it all together to ensure your kid gets the proper amount of sleep.

  • Disrupting sleep: If you find that your child is having issues falling asleep because of the extra light, it’s time to turn it off. If their bedroom is too bright, it suppresses the production of melatonin which makes them feel sleepy.
  • Playing and not sleeping: If you notice that your young one is taking advantage of the extra light by staying up and playing with their toys, it might be time to take the nightlight away. Young kids need the proper amount of sleep to help their brains develop further.


The alternative that we chose is the LOHAS Plug-In LED Night Light. It’s very affordable, doesn’t require any batteries, and only uses 0.3 watts of power. It has a built-in light sensor that enables the nightlight’s brightness to adjust according to the surrounding ambient light.

It can be used anywhere that has an electric outlet and has a soft illumination that makes it suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, nurseries, and more. It also doesn’t generate any heat, which makes it safe for children with exploring fingers. Additionally, LOHAS provides a one-year warranty on the product.


Nightlights are a great addition to any room that requires extra lighting, and the Sycees SC01 is perfect for it. The long-lasting, energy-efficient nightlight provides you with many options, and can even be used in place of regular lighting in rooms where you want to save energy. It’s important to keep in mind that if you notice your nightlight is interfering with your sleep, you need to remove it or move it further away.

Getting the proper amount of sleep is the most important thing, but the Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light is a perfect choice to give you the extra light that you need.

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