Scopow Star Moon Decorative Projector Night Light Review

Scopow Star Moon Decorative Projector Night Light Review
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Scopow Star Moon Decorative Projector Night Light: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Covers a significant percentage of a standard sized room

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t include a power source such as batteries or USB
  • Projection clarity is better when close to the ceiling
  • Extremely lightweight and might break if it falls off of a dresser

Projector nightlights can be a great way to lull your younger children into sleep. Instead of having a nightlight that gives off too much light, you can use a more creative approach by putting a decorative projector nightlight in your kids’ room. It’s a great way to distract them from the darkness and provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for them to sleep in.

We’ve reviewed the Scopow Star Moon Decorative Projector Night Light to make you aware of all of the benefits, as well as everything that comes with it.

Scopow Star Moon Decorative Projector Night Light Review

Scopow is an established e-commerce brand that specializes in selling and manufacturing LED products that are mainly geared towards younger children. They’ve spent time researching and developing ways to create fun, comforting, and reliable products that their consumers can enjoy.

They work hard to upgrade their merchandise with more technologically advanced products consistently and aim to provide outstanding, high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their Star Moon Projector is just one of many nightlights that they offer.

Who Is This Product For?

While the product is technically designed for children seven years of age and younger, nothing is saying that no one else can enjoy it. The nightlight projects a soft star and moon pattern onto the walls and ceilings, which can be comforting to anyone of any age.

It’s not only children who benefit from using nightlights to fall asleep, but teenagers and even adults do as well. It can also be used to create a romantic ambiance during weddings or even date nights.

What’s Included?

The Scopow Star Moon Projector Night Light comes with almost everything that’s needed to start projecting stars and moons onto your ceilings and walls. It doesn’t come with any power source, so you do need to purchase batteries. However, it can also be powered by connecting it to your PC using a USB cable or plugging it into the wall with an adapter similar to your smartphone’s.

Included in the box are instructions on how to use the decorative projector, along with the projector itself, plastic shade, light kit, and bulb.

Overview of Features

Scopow designed the Star Moon Projector beautifully. It has an upgraded engine inside that ensures the device runs quietly as not to disrupt sleep. The sound it produces registers at less than 30 decibels.

The projector also features an automatic shut-off timer. You can set it for five minutes all the way to 95 minutes. The projector includes five buttons that control the on-and-off, timer, rotation of the projection, and color options, as well as a button to switch to a night light or table lamp mode. The projector also provides blue, yellow, green, red, and multi-color options.

How to Keep Your Star Moon Projector Clean?

Making sure that you get the most out of your Star Moon Projector is essential, and getting the most out of it means keeping it clean. The great thing about this projector nightlight is it’s incredibly straightforward when it comes to disassembling and assembling.

Dust collects everywhere, especially if it’s in an area where the sun shines. If your projector is collecting dust, remove the plastic shade and wipe off the dust with a duster brush or a microfiber cloth.

Doing the same on the inside is also a great way to ensure that your stars and moons get appropriately projected. It’s also recommended that you occasionally dust off the bulb, just ensure that the device is turned off completely before doing so.


There are many projector nightlights available on the market, and you can find ones that offer other shapes and designs outside of stars and moons. When we looked at alternatives, we wanted to find one that provided the same design.

We looked into the Jamswall Stars Sky Night Light Projector. The Jamswall Projector includes eight light projection modes, and the ability to turn off the projection, so you have a simple nightlight or table lamp.

You can power the projector with batteries or a USB cable, and putting together the projector is extremely simple. The cover that comes with the projector is in the shape of a flower bud, adding an additional and very pleasing aesthetic element. It’s a great addition to any kids’ bedroom but is also universal enough to be used to provide a romantic atmosphere in any room.


We found that the Scopow Star Moon Decorative Projector Night Light is extremely easy to use and we’re very happy with the clarity of the projected designs. The modes on the projector made it easy for us to relax and fall asleep.

If you’re searching for a reliable way to bring your children an essence of the night sky into their room, using this projector is definitely the way to do it. It’s incredibly affordable, fun, and suitable for all sorts of occasions.

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