Best Night Lights: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Night Lights
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Regardless if you’re looking to soothe your children by keeping “monsters” away at night or if you’re looking to find your way around the dark, nightlights can help.

They have different purposes, as well as come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Choosing a nightlight can be overwhelming because of the sheer amount of them on the market.

Thus, we’ve created this great guide that not only provides you with information on five of what might be the best night light, but we’ve also created a buyer’s guide and FAQ section to help you further.

Comparison Chart

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Top Five Night Light Reviews

1. Anteqi Star Sky Night Lamp

Anteqi is an e-commerce brand that sells a variety of products that include projector nightlights amongst other products that consumers find useful. They make it easy for consumers to buy what they need at affordable prices without compromising the quality of the product. While they do offer many variations of projector nightlights, we chose the Anteqi Star Sky Night Lamp to review as it is one of their top sellers.

Product Highlights

The Anteqi Star Sky Night Lamp is a very aesthetically pleasing projector lamp that features a convenient timing control. You can choose the amount of time that you want the projection to run, and when the time is up, it automatically shuts off. The timer ranges from five to 95 minutes.

The design of the lamp makes it perfect to use in your children’s bedroom, and it is also great to create an additional and romantic element at weddings, birthdays, and other events. The projector features four LED beads that include blue, warm, green, red, or multi-color lighting functions to provide you with an experience that suits your preference.

The engine inside is very quiet and runs at less than 30 decibels, so you don’t need to worry about it disrupting your sleep. It runs with the help of four AA batteries or a USB cable; neither of which are included.

What's to like about the Anteqi Star Sky Night Lamp

The timer and various color options of the Anteqi Star Sky Night Lamp are the two features that we liked the most. We also loved how quiet it was while it was running, and didn’t experience any issues with trying to fall asleep when used as a nightlight.

What's not to like about the Anteqi Star Sky Night Lamp

Unfortunately, the projector doesn’t come with any source of power, which is inconvenient. We needed to go out to purchase the batteries and USB cable required to run the projector for our review. We also found that the cover for the projector was quite flimsy.


  • check
    Very affordable
  • check
    Extremely easy to use
  • check
    Provides a variety of color options
  • check
    Shuts off automatically


  • The projector cover is can easily get damaged.
  • Power source sold separately
  • Projected images are slightly blurry when directed towards the ceiling.

2. LED Concepts Plug-In LED Night Lights

LED Concepts is another e-commerce brand that has spent their time producing top-quality, energy-efficient lighting for their consumers. They have a broad range of lighting solutions that stem outside of just nightlights.

They are also always working diligently to create more products that suit their customer’s needs. Their team is always looking for new, innovative, and exciting ways to bring more light to your home.

Product Highlights

The LED Concepts Plug-In LED Night Lights is a fantastic and ultra-slim way to provide additional lighting in every room of your home. The LED illumination ensures that you don’t need to replace the bulbs or batteries, and the sensor on the nightlight helps save energy by automatically turning it on and off according to the surrounding light.

It has a cool-touch feature, so you don’t need to worry about your kid burning their fingers if they touch it. Also, it has a warm, white glow that isn’t powerful enough to confuse your internal body clock. The modern design makes it the perfect addition to any room or hallway that you’re looking to put additional lighting.

What's to like about the LED Concepts Plug-In LED Night Lights

The simple and modern design is very aesthetically pleasing and fits in everywhere, regardless of décor. We also like that the sensor works very well.

There were no issues at all with the light turning on automatically once it was dark. It even registered in natural darkness.

What's not to like about the LED Concepts Plug-In LED Night Lights

We found that these lights were way too bright when used in the bedroom. They register high enough on the color temperature scale to suppress the production of melatonin and interfered with our ability to fall asleep. They also don’t include the option to adjust the brightness, which is a significant letdown.


  • check
    An electrical outlet powers the LED light
  • check
    No need for bulbs or batteries
  • check
    Comes in two packs that are affordable for what you receive
  • check
    Well-designed and efficient sensor


  • The dusk-to-dawn is far too bright to be used in the bedroom.
  • Fixed brightness level
  • Anything else that is plugged into the second socket on the outlet covers the sensor

3. GoLine LED Kitty Night Light

The GoLine brand sells a broad variety of cute nightlights that are targeted towards children but can get used by anyone interested in the product. Their nightlights are trendy, reliable, and manufactured to last a long time. The LED Kitty Night Light was our top choice to review because not only does it offer a variety of colors, but it’s what caught our eye first when looking through the other great options that the company provides.

Product Highlights

The GoLine LED Kitty Night Light features seven color flashing modes along with warm, white light. The number of colors gives you the opportunity to use it in a variety of ways and places.

The nightlight isn’t controlled by a remote and instead features a tap light control. The kitty face that makes up the light is made from BPA-free and washable silicone.

When you purchase the nightlight, it includes a 2.7 foot USB cable, though it doesn’t include the power adapter. It can also run off of batteries that provide you with up to 12 hours of portable usage. GoLine offers a 100% product satisfaction in the form of a one-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What's to like about the GoLine LED Kitty Night Light

The portability and design of the GoLine Kitty Night Light are two things that we love about this nightlight. We also like that it’s made from BPA-free silicone, mainly since it’s mostly used in a child’s room.

What's not to like about the GoLine LED Kitty Night Light

One major downside with the nightlight is the lack of remote control. There are so many features that it is more convenient to have a remote instead of having to move to tap on the nightlight to make a change. We also don’t like that it doesn’t feature an automatic shut off, so it remains on all night if it’s fully charged.


  • check
    Cute, modern, and aesthetically pleasing design
  • check
    Variety of colors
  • check
    Portable use for up to 12 hours
  • check
    Non-toxic material


  • Soft silicone causes the kitty’s ears to curve inwards instead of being straight
  • Tap control is very sensitive
  • Rotating light feature filters through colors very quickly instead of at a steady pace

4. [D]hink LED Unicorn Nightlight

The fourth nightlight in our guide is the [D]hink LED Unicorn Nightlight. The brand itself is an e-commerce company that specializes in a lot of fun nightlights that are perfect for young kid’s and teenager’s bedrooms. In addition to their top-selling unicorn nightlight, they also offer everything from ducks to dinosaurs to cactus nightlights.

Product Highlights

Designed to give off a soft, white glow that doesn’t interrupt your child’s sleep, it is an ideal item to include in their bedroom. It comes with three control options located on the bottom of the unicorn that is powered by three LR44 batteries that last approximately 80 to 100 hours.

It includes an on, off, and timer control that lets you set the timer for it to power off after 15 minutes automatically. The nightlight is made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and it is not overly sensitive and uses 0.1 watts of energy.

What's to like about the [D]hink LED Unicorn Nightlight

The overall design of the unicorn is cute and gives off a positive and happy vibe. We like that it includes an automatic shut-off timer and that it only uses 0.1 watts of energy. The PVC is also more durable than some other products which make it less sensitive.

What's not to like about the [D]hink LED Unicorn Nightlight

Unfortunately, the colors of the back portion of the unicorn don’t light up with the same warm, white glow. They don’t light up at all, which makes them hard to see during the night. We also don’t like that it doesn’t come with any additional power source such as an AC adapter or a USB plug-in.


  • check
  • check
    Warm, white glow makes it possible to sleep comfortably without interruption
  • check
    Unique design that’s perfect for babies, toddlers, and even teenagers
  • check


  • Doesn’t include a power source
  • Back of unicorn doesn’t light up
  • Timer only sets for 15 minutes

5. Emotionlite LED Motion Sensor Night Light

Emotionlite is another e-commerce brand that specializes in lighting solutions. They sell their products through a variety of online platforms and have been congratulated on the quality of their nightlights.

In addition to sensor nightlights, the company also sells replacement light bulbs, decorative night lights, and even LED television backlights in a variety of colors. We chose to review the LED motion sensor night light as it’s the most practical, and one of their top selling items.

Product Highlights

The Emotionlite LED Motion Sensor Night Light features a built-in, soft dusk-to-dawn light and motion sensor. The nightlight only activates when it detects motion in the darkness, and it shuts off after approximately 25 seconds of no movement.

The warm, white glow registers at about 2700K, making it bright enough to ensure you can see in the dark. It is very energy-efficient, costing approximately 30 cents per year to use. It’s a great nightlight to be used in hallways, bathrooms, or dark corners.

What's to like about the Emotionlite LED Motion Sensor Night Light

The light sensor is a great feature, as it causes the nightlight to turn on in natural darkness. We also loved that the light was dim and gave off a somewhat orange hue when used. It was great when walking around in the dark because it was bright enough to see where we were going, but it didn’t blind us after being in the dark for so long.

What's not to like about the Emotionlite LED Motion Sensor Night Light

The major disappointment for us was the motion sensor. It is supposed to register up to ten feet, but it has issues detecting motion at an angle. We also found that the 25-second no-motion timer is too short of time and feel it might be more productive if set at a minute, or if it included an adjustment feature.


  • check
    Light is dim enough
  • check
    Allows you to fall asleep
  • check
    Provides enough light even when it’s dark
  • check
    The light sensor works well.
  • check
    Doesn’t require any batteries


  • Seems to have difficulties picking up motion at an angle
  • Shuts off immediately
  • The egg shape is rather large which can interfere with plugging other things into the outlet.


Nightlights come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and many of them use different amounts of energy to power them. There are a few things that you should take into consideration when making a smart decision on purchasing a nightlight.

While they are easy to grab off the shelf and toss into your cart, it’s always best to know everything you can about a product, so your decision is informed. Let’s take a look at some common considerations when buying nightlights.

Bulb Capacity

The capacity of the bulb that you use in your nightlight varies on the type of bulb that you use. Typically, nightlight bulbs are much smaller than your standard light bulb and use a maximum of ten watts, but it’s usually much less.

Incandescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs use more watts than LED nightlights and electroluminescent nightlights, which don’t use bulbs at all. Due to the size of a nightlight bulb, they don’t last as long as the standard. You can expect to get approximately 1,000 to 3,000 hours of use out of your bulb, depending on how much you use it and how long it’s turned on.

Charging Time

Worrying about the charging time for your nightlight usually isn’t something that you need to do, unless you’ve purchased a wireless nightlight. All nightlight bulbs can be replaced, but wireless nightlights run off of batteries. It’s best to use rechargeable batteries in this situation because you won’t find yourself continually purchasing them when the light stops working.

The charging time of the batteries is going to depend on the state of the batteries. Your first charge might take a few hours, but as they get used more, they begin to lose their charging capacity and can start taking between six to eight hours for your standard AA/AAA NiMH batteries.

Application Voltage

The majority of nightlight bulbs that you purchase are going to be approximately 120 to 125 voltages. However, there are incredibly low-voltage bulbs that are available; you just need to ensure that they are suitable for the structure of your nightlight.

Low-voltage nightlight bulbs typically measure at a 12 voltage. You can find more information about the specific energy and wattage for your particular nightlight on the package of the product when you purchase it. It’s highly suggested that you look, especially for nightlights that plug into electrical outlets and use bulbs that need to be replaced.

Power Supply

The type of power supply that you require for your nightlight is going to depend on the kind of nightlight that you purchase, as they do vary. To give you a quick understanding of the type of power source that you need, we’ve gathered five common types of nightlights and identified the power supply that they use to generate light.

  • Plug-In Night Lights: Electrical outlets
  • Projector Night Lights: Electrical outlet or batteries
  • Portable Night Lights: Batteries (rechargeable batteries recommended)
  • Toy Night Lights: Batteries (rechargeable batteries recommended)
  • Tabletop Night Lights: Electrical outlets or batteries
  • Electroluminescent Night Lights: Electrical outlets

Safety Features

While nightlight related incidents are rarely reported in the United States of America, it’s still essential that you look for nightlights that have excellent safety features. Incandescent and CFL nightlights can generate a substantial amount of heat that can not only burn your fingers but also cause the cover to melt. If you have an incandescent or CFL nightlight, ensure that they can work with low-wattage bulbs so that you can minimize the possible risk of them overheating.

Some nightlights do come with motion detectors, and while they are slightly more expensive, they can be a fantastic safety feature along with an energy saver. You surely don’t have to worry about leaving the nightlight on all night because it automatically turns on when it detects motion. Additionally, you should look at nightlights that have an automatic on and off to prevent your light from heating up too much.


The brightness of your nightlight plays a significant role in its performance. Many nightlights come in a variety of colors, and some of which are very bright and high on the color temperature scale. Using a very bright blue or white nightlight in a bedroom can make falling asleep very difficult, so it’s recommended to use lights that are red or low on the color temperature index.

Purchasing a nightlight wherein the brightness level can be adjusted easily according to your personal preference is also recommended. Your nightlight should cast a subtle glow, but not be bright enough to cause you to squint when you look at it in the dark.

Night Light FAQs

What Is a Night Light?

Night Lights are described as small lighting fixtures that are used to create a subtle light in the darkness. Whether it’s to light up a room during an emergency, or placed for convenience, they are there to provide additional light. Night lights are typically plugged into electrical outlets, but can also be portable and run off batteries that can be recharged or replaced.

How Does a Night Light Work?

How your nightlight works depend on the type of nightlight that you use. Simple nightlights that plug into electrical outlets are powered by the electrical current that comes from the circuit. That is usually how incandescent nightlights work; the electrical outlet turns the light on by heating a wire located within the bulb.

In the case of efficient nightlights such as LEDs, the light emitting diodes include electrons that jump gaps between materials. When they jump these gaps, each electron produces a small amount of photon light energy. They don’t waste much power and generate very little heat.

Modern or automatic nightlights work with the CDs cell, which is a type of photoresistor. The resistor is designed to resist electrical currents, and automatically change when the light shines on the CDs cell.

Once the resistance reaches a specific level, it decides whether to produce light or not. The higher the resistance, the longer the night light stays on because it doesn’t recognize any ambient lighting.

Are Night Lights Safe?

There are very minimal reports of nightlight related incidents the USA, and when used correctly, they are very safe. However, it’s important to remember that nightlights, especially CFL, neon, and incandescent types do pose a fire risk.

They are known to generate quite a bit of heat, which can catch fire if you are careless with where you place them. If you use those types of nightlights, ensure that they aren’t covered with any material that can catch fire, and use low-wattage bulbs that aren’t as susceptible to overheating.

Other safety precautions that you need to take are simple. Ensure that you don’t use your nightlight outdoors or in covered areas that are susceptible to dampness; doing so increases your risk of an electric shock.

Additionally, particular nightlight bulbs contain methylene chloride, which is commonly used as a paint stripper. If in any case, it comes into contact with your skin or is inhaled, it can be hazardous. Hence, it’s imperative that you dispose of any nightlight containing methylene chloride immediately if they break.

How Many Lumens Is in a Night Light?

Depending on the wattage and size of the nightlight bulb, the number of lumens changes. That being said, the majority of light bulbs used in nightlights contain 16 to 20 lumens.

What Color Night Light is Best for Babies?

It’s crucial that you choose the right color of nightlight to put in your baby’s room after deciding to use one. You might think that using blue is the best option because it can be calming; however, that isn’t the case.

Blue light boosts awareness and suppresses the amount of melatonin that the body produces. As such, the best colors for nightlights used in your baby’s room are orange and red.

They are warm and register low on the color temperature scale, and also familiar to your baby. Many experts suggest that the only color babies can see in the womb is a comforting red.


After taking our time to thoroughly review each of the nightlights, we were finally able to come up with our best choice. We choose the Emotionlite LED Motion Sensor Night Light as our best night light of 2019.

Everything does have its pros and cons, but the advantages of the Emotionlite outweigh the cons by a long shot. It’s easy to use, generates enough light, and has a motion sensor. The overall size of the nightlight is on the large scale, but you don’t require batteries as the outlet powers it. It’s also very affordable, so you don’t need an alternative.

If you’re looking for a nightlight that can be used in any room, go with the Emotionlite LED Motion Sensor Night Light. Surely, it won’t disappoint you.

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